Ever Wonder What Goes Into Our Supplements?


Have you ever considered the differences between an inferior nutritional product and super-premium formulation?


It’s more than just the ingredients.


Did you know the manufacturing process, itself, is key to producing a superior formulation? It’s true.


Every single formulation adheres to its own set of processes and protocol including machine sterilization and controlled environments (temperature/humidity) to small batch processing and super-slow line speed.


To demonstrate the difference here’s an analogy.


If you read the list of ingredients on a box of Betty Crocker and Duncan Hines brownies you’ll find they are almost exactly the same.


However, bake one at 500 degrees for two hours and the other at 350 for 40 minutes…. and you end up with two very different brownies.


So, you can see the difficulty in explaining the differences — especially when it comes to pricing. After all, the ingredients seem to be the same.


Beyond the Processes


Beyond the manufacturing processes, raw materials are available in a range of different qualities — from so called “pharmaceutical grade” to absolute garbage!.


And, to make matters worse, some companies actually create formulations that simply don’t make sense — as the nutrients are out of balance – or in some cases, actually prevent or interfere with absorption of food.


About Our Super Premium Supplements


Our supplements have a single focus. To provide the highest quality sports nutrition supplements for athletes and serious fitness enthusiasts.


The three prime considerations in developing our nutritional supplements are:


  1. Formulations (proprietary for athletes and fitness)
  2. Ingredients (single source from the same producers)
  3. Manufacturing Processes (above accepted compliance)


I hope you find this information helpful. And, if your nutrition plan calls for super, high-quality supplementation, I hope you’ll give my formulas a try.