The Truth About Multi-Vitamins


You’ve probably known about multi-vitamins since you were a kid.


Everything from “One-a-Day” to “Flintstones” multi-vitamins have been available for decades.


But, let me ask you this.


Besides just hearing that they’re “good for you” do you know much about multi-vitamin supplements?


Have you ever wondered what goes into them?  Or, why some are more expensive than others?  After all, vitamins are, well…. just vitamins — right?


Well, the truth is, there’s a HUGE difference between a natural, high-quality multi-vitamin and mineral complex formulation — and a cheap synthetic consumer retail product.


You also may wonder why we discuss “multi-dosing” and why we recommend it for optimal nutrition intake?


It’s Blind Faith…


Like most people, you may have been convinced that one should simply take a single multi-vitamin in the morning —  and call it a day!


Most people don’t know what goes into a premium formulation and the importance of the ingredients, the formulation, batching and final manufacturing of the product.


This information is especially important as it relates to how the formulation breaks down in the body, its uptake and ultimate absorption rate.


The information about nutritional supplements is typically gleaned from friends, family, co-workers and uninformed medical professionals.


And, the sad truth is most of these people have never really researched nutritional supplement formulations.


But, it makes sense, since they don’t lead an active lifestyle that requires higher quality nutritional intake (fuel).


Let’s Start Here…


O.K., so let’s discuss the first priority or “foundation” of any nutritional supplement regimen.  It starts with a high quality multi-vitamin and mineral complex formulation.


The WHY is easy.

A premium multi-vitamin and mineral supplement is cheap insurance.  It ensures that any nutritional gaps in your menu plan are being addressed.


The next thing you should know is that our Daily Multi-Vitamin Mineral Complex incorporates digestive enzymes (most don’t).  This is important because digestive enzymes help breakdown the food you just ate and assist in nutritional uptake and absorption.  Crucial to recovery.


We also do NOT COAT or BIND our Daily Multi-Vitamin Mineral Complex with any kind of wax or varnish.  Coatings often prevent a product from dissolving rendering it almost useless.


Instead, we use a rice glaze to bind our tablets.  You can actually break them in half with your fingers.


We also encourage multi-dosing throughout the day.  That’s because all water-soluble vitamins are flushed out of your body within a few hours.  Especially if you drink a lot of water —  and even more so if you also drink diuretics such as coffee or tea.


Competitive athletes will take one tablet after breakfast, one after a mid-morning snack, after lunch, after mid-afternoon snack and after dinner.  Yes, five tablets spread over the course of a day – one tablet directly after a meal or snack.


Ultimately, supplementation requires some strategy.  So, I will end with these two (2) points.

  • If you are an active lifestyle enthusiast or an athlete, then, supplementation to your optimal nutrition plan is of utmost importance. Therefore, quality nutritional supplements should be the only consideration.


  • The starting point for any nutritional supplement strategy should START with a multi-vitamin and mineral complex. All other supplementation is in addition to it.


I hope you find this information helpful.  And, if your nutrition plan calls for super, high-quality supplementation, I hope you’ll give my formulas a try.