Why Athletes and Serious Fitness Enthusiasts Take Nutritional Supplements


Do you know why almost ALL athletes and serious fitness enthusiasts add supplements to their menu plans..?


It’s because they know the difference. Here’s what I mean.


Deconditioned, inactive people interested only in growing hair, skin and nails probably meet their “low metabolism” needs through food alone. Or, at best, might consider an inexpensive daily multi-vitamin.


However, research has proven that physically active people have much higher metabolic requirements.  The amount and quality of your caloric intake, in conjunction with vitamin supplementation, is of utmost importance.        


Here’s an analogy. Imagine you’re invited to drive up to a mountain lakeside cabin to spend the weekend.  But then, a few days later you are asked to tow a boat up the mountain for everybody to use. 


You Say “Yes”


But now, you start to think about the condition of your car.  Do you have enough air in your tires? When did you last change your antifreeze? What about the oil and transmission fluid?  How much gas will your car burn and should you use a higher octane? 


These are valid thoughts because you are about to add physical stress to your vehicle.


The same holds true when you begin an exercise program.  You increase physical stress on your body.  And, when you increase physical stress on your body, fueling it (through proper nutrition) becomes a major consideration.


Supplements Accomplish Two Things 


They help in the digestion and utilization of foods, thus creating “higher octane fuel” for your body. 


Secondly, they ensure that all nutritional gaps are filled allowing your body to efficiently and effectively burn fat, build lean muscle tissue and fully adapt to increased physical stress.


This is EXACTLY why we offer our own super-premium vitamin formulations. 


Only the highest quality ingredients are used such as Pancreatine 5x (digestive enzymes), polynicotinate (instead of picolinate) and U.S. sourced whey protein instead of lower cost substitutes. 


Our super premium nutritional supplements are used and recommended by fitness professionals, medical experts, coaches and athletes interested in reducing body-fat, gaining lean muscle and enhancing overall fitness and athletic performance.


I hope you’ll give them a try.